APCE Annual Event 2018 | Workshop Resources

2018 Spirituality Center Resources

2018 Video Resources

Welcoming Worship: Worship as Inclusive, Cross + Generational Faith Formation

Technology Application in Christian Education

Taking Youth Ministry Wider

Refugees Welcome: Boundless Hospitality Across Cultures

Embracing Change: Using Transitional Techniques to Chart New Paths in Educational Ministry

God Says You Are Good: Helping Families and Children Talk about Faith and Sex

Apps in Church?!

We’ve Been Doing It Wrong: Measuring Congregational Vitality Is More Useful Than Counting Heads

The First Seven Minutes

Hospitality Toward the Undocumented Among Us

Where to Find the BEST (even FREE) Reformed Internet and Social Media Resources

Hospitality: From the Outside Looking In

When the Least of These Demand the Most of You

Spirituality of Hospitality as Seen Through Children’s Literature

Extending the Ultimate Welcome

Adult Education in the Large Congregation- Workshop Agenda

Lead with Your Best Welcome