Tuesday, Feb 2

  • Pre-events, including Chicago Presbytery Commission on Anti-racism and Equity Introduction to Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop, begin.
  • An afternoon Illinois Center Pedway Tour is scheduled.

Wednesday, Feb 3

Connecting Circles of Faith

  • Draw Our Circles Wider, with Lib Caldwell and Ted Hiebert, meets at Fourth Presbyterian.
  • Marketplace and Bookstore are open.
  • Conversation Circles gather around topics of interest.
  • Circle of Faith: 50 years & beyond officially begins at 2:30 p.m. with opening worship, led by Mark Miller, music, Cathy Caldwell Hoop, liturgist, Shannon Kershner, preacher, and Rodger Nishioka, plenary.
  • Regional Gatherings with Communion, dinner, and CARRIE NEWCOMER with pianist Gary Walters in concert complete the evening!

Thursday, Feb 4

Enriching and Empowering Circles of Faith

  • Morning worship features Ozzie E. Smith, Jr., preacher and jazz saxophonist, and Jacqui Lewis, plenary.
  • APCE Covenant Members’ Corporation Lunch with Awards Presentations.
  • Jacqui Lewis empowers through plenary.
  • Authors’ sign books during the Marketplace and Bookstore extended hour, with plenty of time left to explore Chicago on free night.

Friday, Feb 5

Empowering and Sustaining Circles of Faith

  • Join Lis Valle, preacher, and Christy Melby-Gibbons, plenary, for morning worship.
  • Workshops, including offsite and extended, lead to Rodger Nishioka’s plenary.
  • Community and cocktails and the 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner complete the evening!

Saturday, Feb 6

Sustaining Circles of Faith

  • Explore sustaining ministries with APCE’s five denominational partners’ panel.
  • Closing worship with Mark, Cathy, and Rodger will send us on our way.
  • Some will fly or drive away; others will attend post-events:
    • Communicating Effectively About Race and Racism
    • So, Now What? – post-event coaching


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