Becoming Tomorrow’s Church Today

All participant’s of the 2022 APCE Annual Event will receive access to Becoming Tomorrow’s Church Today videos and downloadable leader’s guide.

What better way to celebrate the 50 years + one and beyond legacy of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) than with free leader training resources to help congregations connect, enrich, empower, and sustain their circles of faith!

Thank you, Christian Educators, for being part of the APCE legacy today and into the future.

A New Look at Our History: APCE: Fifty Years and Beyond

Connect . . . enrich . . . empower . . . sustain: In the story of APCE’s fifty years, the dynamic verbs of our mission statement serve as a lens through which we can look back over the totality of our past history, as well as a framework for imagining where we might go and how we might serve in the fifty years to come. One hundred printed copies at $25.00 each will be available on a first come, first serve basis in Chicago. Instructions on how to order and ship additional copies will also be available.

50th Anniversary Dinner and Celebration Presents

● A special memento to remember the occasion for all registered guests
● The Enrich award presentation for Gina Yeager Buckley
● The young Hiplet Ballerinas from the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center with their unique
combination of ballet and street dance – hip hop in pointe shoes
● Side-splitting laughter at our own expense as The Second City improv players create a show on
just for our anniversary celebration
CirquesExperience will roll through the celebration to music with two gym-wheels and three to
four performers