Stepping into the New Year

You’ve made it through the season when many feel burned out, exhausted, and seeking ways to breathe new life into your ministry. I ask you, “Where is home?” Where can you exhale, share stories, and be rejuvenated for the weeks and months ahead?

AE Workshop Highlight: Build on Your Strengths: Churches and Mental Health

Studies have shown that people in crisis will more often initially seek out a faith leader (which includes Christian educators) than a therapist. This means that we need to be equipped to respond and to educate. This workshop will help us recognize and build on the strengths we may already have in place to support mental health in our congregations, and will give us ideas for expanding these supports.

Get to Know: Michael W. Waters, 2023 Annual Event Worship and Workshop Leader

I believe Jesus has spoken to us words that now echo through the wisdom of Bishop Woods; we must learn to bend without breaking. There is a certain unforced rhythm or pace that emerges when heeding these words, and I am looking forward to further unpacking this theme with each one of you who will be attending the APCE Annual Event this January.

What If We Did Things Differently?

When we, the church, reach out to help others, we tend to follow traditional protocols–as if assistance is one size fits all. And why would we not? After all, all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to God’s purpose, right? (Romans 8:28)