Let’s Pause Together

Whenever we meet someone new, invariably we find ourselves asking the question, “So, what kind of work do you do?”  It’s a natural inquiry that expresses a curiosity about the other person, helps us establish rapport and usually gives us a place to start building a relationship. Yet, in a subtle but very real way, that question of what someone does reveals who we tend to be as a people and how we view ourselves and others.

Five Favorite Ways to Nurture Your Faith and Care for Yourself

This summer, The Advocate has been highlighting resources – our Top Five Favorites to support and sustain faith formation and ministry. We close this series thinking about self-care. How do we nurture our own faith? What activities have nurtured our soul in this past year? The four of us at the Advocate share our self-care and faith nurturing, and we invite you to fill in Number 5. What has been the thing that has nurtured your soul?