APCE Endowment Fund Grant Application Guidelines

History of the Endowment Fund

In the late 1990’s, the APCE Cabinet began looking forward to a new era of educational ministry.  With a new Mission Statement in hand, the APCE Cabinet began seeking to provide a solid foundation for educators in the new century. An Endowment Fund was established that would provide money for future growth, advocacy and visions for ministry.  Donations come from individuals and regional groups who have a strong desire to see the work of APCE continue for years to come.  As the fund has continued to grow, the APCE Cabinet formed an Endowment Committee to provide visibility for the Fund as well as guidelines for use.  In 2006, the Endowment Committee proposed a grant process that would provide for limited use of the Fund during its “early growth” period.

What is the purpose of the APCE Endowment Grant?

To provide funds that will enhance educational ministry.

Who may apply for a Grant?

APCE Ministry Teams, APCE’s regional groups in the Reformed family of churches, and individuals who are members of APCE may apply.

What amounts are available for Grants?

In order to continue the growth of the Endowment Fund, the Endowment Fund Ministry Team will provide grants ordinarily not to exceed $3,000 per grant but they can be as small as $250.

What is the Grant process time line?

Grants will be considered as they are received.

How does a regional group or individual apply for a Grant?

Grant requests must be submitted using the APCE Endowment Fund Grant Application. Include a description of the project or activity that the grant funds will support, a statement of how it will seek to fulfill the mission statement of APCE, a budget for the project or activity, and a timeline of disbursement expectations.

Applicants can receive further information from the APCE Endowment Fund Ministry Team Moderator and/or the APCE Treasurer. Endowment Ministry Team Moderator: Michelle Thomas-Bush. APCE Treasurer: Mary Taneti

APCE Endowment Fund Grant Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Contact person

Narrative information

Budget information

Max. file size: 256 MB.

Endowment Fund Ministry Team Members are listed at www.APCEnet.org

APCE Endowment Fund Policy and Procedures

An Endowment Fund Ministry Team, which will report directly to the APCE Coordinating Council, will oversee and administer the Endowment Fund.

Grant Process

  1. Grant applications shall be received at any point during the year by mail, email, or fax.
  2. Grant application should include:
    1. Amount of the request
    2. Who is making the request
    3. Why the funds are being requested
    4. A description of the project for which the funds will be used
    5. When the funds will be needed and an overall timeline of disbursement(s)
    6. A statement of how the request will connect, enrich, empower, sustain educational ministry
  3. APCE members, congregations, judicatory bodies of APCE partner denominations, APCE Regions, and the APCE Coordinating Council and Leadership Council members may apply for a grant using this process.
  4. Grant recipients shall report to the Endowment Fund Fund Ministry Team at least annually on the use of the fund until final disbursement.

Grant Approval Process

  1. Applications will be presented to the Endowment Fund Ministry Team.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Endowment Fund Ministry Team and reported to the APCE Coordinating Council as recommendations are made.
  3. The APCE Endowment Moderator will notify the grant recipient.
  4. The funds will be disbursed by the treasurer, as instructed by the APCE Coordinating Council.

Revised and approved by the Coordinating Council September 2016