Associate Pastor for Christian Education
Leading Christian Formation for Adults, Children, and Families

First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, Illinois, a congregation of joyful people who inspire by sharing life in Jesus Christ, is seeking an Associate Pastor for Christian Education to lead Christian formation for adults, children and families.  The pastor we seek will be

” fully committed to sharing the love and joy that flows from a full relationship with Jesus Christ

” innovative in the development and delivery of educational opportunities

” eager  to stretch beyond the traditional boundaries of time and location

” a facilitator for building relationships and encouraging active engagement

” creative and facile with the use of technology

Our complete position description and Ministry Information Form can be found at  Click on the “Employment” tab in the upper right hand corner.

Several representatives from First Pres Libertyville will be attending the APCE Conference in Louisville.  

Please text Gail at 224-637-0008 or Brian at 224-424-0418 to initiate a conversation about our position.  

Additionally, candidates can send their PIF or resume and cover letter to  [email protected]  

We look forward to hearing from you!