Associate Pastor for University Ministry
Fort Hill Presbyterian Church
Clemson, South Carolina

Church/Organization General Information
Church/Organization Number: 22372
Church/Organization Name: Fort Hill Presbyterian Church
Mailing Address: 101 Edgewood Ave. Clemson, SC, 29631
Phone: 864-654-2061
Fax: 864-654-8934
Church email: [email protected]
Church/Organization size: 651-1000 members
Ethnic Composition: Caucasian 99%, African American 1% (a few multi-racial families)
Average Worship Attendance: 358 prior to COVID, During COVID average, was about 111
Church School Attendance: 120 prior to COVID
Church School Curriculum:
Children: use Dig In for Wednesday evenings and self-developed worship education materials on Sunday
Youth: are focusing on the theme “called to care.” Through the original curriculum, youth are tasked to listen, engage, and learn about our world through mission, contemporary events seeing how God is at work in our life
Presbyterian Student Association (PSA): focusing on the interests, skills, and knowledge of our guest speaker/leader each week. We use a variety of Bible study curriculums for our weekly study
Adults use a variety of authors – Sunday School and Bible Studies–Adam Hamilton, Amy Jill Levine, Tom Berlin, N T Wright, The Thoughtful Christian, Bruce M Metzger, Walter Brueggemann, J. Ellsworth Kalas, Richard Rohr, Howard Thurman; Enneagram studies– Richard Rohr, Ian Morgan Cron, Susan Stabile; Racism studies–Carolyn B. Helsel, Robin Diangelo, Ibram X. Kendi
Seminary Debt Assistance Program: True/Yes
Yoked: False
Presbytery: Foothills Presbytery
Synod: Synod of South Atlantic
Community Type: College

Information about the position

Position: Associate Pastor
Specific Title: Associate Pastor for University Ministry
Employment status: Full-time
Experience: Previous service as an Intern or prior Associate experience in a similar position is preferred. Knowledge of pastoral duties in a college/university setting desired.
Clergy couple: Open
Faith Statement: Yes
Language Requirements: English
Our Vision and Mission
Joining together on a journey of Christian faith, we seek to be disciples of Christ and to share God’s love in our community and around the world.
We do this as we: Glorify God, Grow Disciples, Meet Human Need
Narrative Questions (1,500 character max)
What is the congregation’s vision for ministry? Additionally, describe how this vision is lived out?
Fort Hill Presbyterian vision and mission “Joining together on a journey of Christian Faith, we seek to be Disciples of Christ and share God’s love in our community and around the world. We do this as we glorify God, grow disciples and meet human needs.” Provide a place for college students to interact in a Faith community and create an environment of helpfulness and camaraderie. We hope to have multigenerational relationships with FHPC and PSA through fellowship and other activities.
We are called to model the ministry of Jesus in a world of fragmented and broken relationships. We believe the church should be welcoming and open to all people seeking to live in the light of Christ’s love. Seeking unity in Christ, not uniformity, we welcome diversity in many forms: people at all points along the journey of faith, a wide spectrum of theological and political viewpoints, different levels of spiritual commitment, and all seekers of Christ regardless of background, race, origin, or sexual orientation.
We respond to the needs of our neighbors through the support of local agencies that provide food, employment advice, housing support, and other services; through activities that raise money; through a commitment of time, talents, and finances to provide health care in a local free clinic; through providing space for Scouts, AA, NAMI, and Family Promise. We respond to the needs of the world through activities that are hands-on missions that raise money and awareness; through sharing time, talents, and finances to provide healthy living conditions in other countries; and through educating our PSA students to be aware of and active in serving the local, regional, and international communities, exploring the world and helping them to find their place in it along with promoting the feeling of belonging and sharing God’s love.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community?
Fort Hill Presbyterian Church felt so strongly about the call for University Ministry that it has endowed the PSA University Ministry. Fort Hill Presbyterian Church was established in 1895 to serve the students and faculty of Clemson College and in turn, the University Ministry has become a cornerstone of Fort Hill Presbyterian. We as a church support PSA in a way that nurtures and grows future disciples and leaders.
A large part of the congregation is affiliated with Clemson University as an alumnus and/or Faculty and Staff. With a variety of professional and geographical backgrounds, the congregation is well-educated and socially aware. Fort Hill is an inviting church for families, children, singles, retirees, college students and creates an atmosphere of service to the community and the larger world. We are committed to relieving the human suffering of our neighbors.
How will this position help you reach your vision and mission goals?
Serving as Fort Hill’s campus minister, this associate pastor position continues to grow and strengthen Fort Hill Presbyterian Church’s founding mission to minister to the students at Clemson University. As the church has evolved from its 1895 origins, it has adopted the following vision and mission “Joining together on a journey of Christian Faith, we seek to be Disciples of Christ and share God’s love in our community and around the world. We do this as we glorify God, grow disciples and meet human needs.”
In fulfillment of this vision and mission, the Presbyterian Student Association is a diverse community of faith that strives to apply the love of Jesus Christ by fostering relationships with God, others, and ourselves. By using their gifts and talents they challenge each other to grow, worship, serve, and play in the Clemson community and beyond. The Associate Pastor for University Ministry is the guide and advisor to PSA in the execution of its mission as well as its vision. This staff member builds relationships and communicates to area churches, alumni, and prospective students. As well as fundraising and sharing the impact this ministry is having on the students at PSA.
Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation?
The APUM will work with student leadership on a non-traditional and flexible schedule to set goals, plan programs and carry out the mission and vision of PSA and Fort Hill Presbyterian. The APUM will be able to relate to college students as adults while being accessible to college students with time and empathy. The APUM will also be involved with university, congregation, and community life.
• Provide guidance, encouragement, pastoral presence in responding to the needs of students.
• Foster and sustain a welcoming, exciting, and supportive community for students to lean on during their academic development.
• Plan and administer regular programs of worship, study, fellowship, and mission.
• Coordinate activities at the Presbyterian Center facility.
• Make University Ministry visible to the Foothills Presbytery and its member churches.
• Provide a ministry to the greater University community.
• Provide guidance, encouragement, and pastoral care in responding to the needs of students.
Coach and equip students to discover and use their individual talents for ministry.
Plan and administer regular programs of worship, study, fellowship, and mission in cooperation with the University Ministry Team of the Session and the Presbyterian Student Association council.
Be active and visible on Clemson University campus. Engaging with PSA students, other campus ministers, and University employees.
Assist pastors with worship services throughout the year and be responsible for preaching as required; be available for weddings and funerals.
Reach students who come to Clemson with a strong faith/Presby background, but open to all students seeking to grow in faith and in a loving community.
Sees college ministry as the PSA group, but also any student connecting to Fort Hill as a part of their “parish”
Open to innovative ministry and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit
Relationship-driven- create community (internal), connect to churches near and wide to support students in being involved (outreach)

Job Description