Greenwood First Presbyterian Church 108 East Cambridge Avenue P. O. Box 426 Greenwood, South Carolina 29648-0426

We are seeking an experienced leader to serve as our full-time Christian Educator. We prefer someone with experience in the Presbyterian Church USA and with Certification as a Christian Educator (or someone who plans to seek certification in the near future). Purpose: To plan, create, develop, lead and direct the ministry of education of the church in accordance with Reformed theology and the mission of the Presbyterian Church USA Accountability: Accountable to the session, under the supervision of the pastor as head of staff

Responsibilities: Curriculum building: Develop a program of educational experiences that serves as a basis for the theological and Biblical development of the members of the church Select, adapt, and/or write and evaluate curriculum for various age groups (cradle to seniors) and develop and implement multigenerational programs/activities Teaching: Provide instruction and educational experiences that increase theological and Biblical awareness, skills, and motivation to continue learning Equip Volunteers: Deliver specialized training that suits the skills and knowledge needs, constraints, and sensitivities of volunteer teachers and leaders in the church Pastoral Care: Participate in the ministry of pastoral care for people who are struggling with illness, pain or grief as well as rejoicing with people after new birth and praying with people in a time of crisis; this includes Stephen Ministry Program

Skills: Faith: Demonstrate trust in one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Knowledgeable in Biblical interpretation, Reformed theology, human and faith development, and in the program and mission of the Presbyterian Church USA Communication: Possess effective verbal, written, interpersonal, and speaking abilities Proficient with Microsoft products (Word, Outlook), Social Media, and the Internet

Physical: Competent with use of office equipment Sufficiently mobile to walk through building with stairs Able to lift and carry moderate weight (supplies and materials)

Relationships: Accountable to the session, supervised by the pastor as head of staff and works with the Christian Education committee in the direction of responsibilities

Evaluation: A performance review will be conducted annually by the personnel committee and the pastor as head of staff The personnel committee will conduct compensation and benefits reviews at separate times

Contact: Rev. Dr. Kyle Hite, [email protected] or Tina Corley, Co-Chair of the Nominating Committee, [email protected]