Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware seeks a full-time Church Educator. The job responsibilities include coordination of all Christian Education programs, teaching periodically in areas of interest, and being an integral member of the Youth Ministry Team. (See Job Description below).

    Westminster is a welcoming church that sits prominently on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Rodney Street in the City of Wilmington. It  pulls the majority of its 934 active members from the surrounding area, including Pennsylvania. The goal of Christian Education at Westminster is to enhance members’ faith stories and growth as disciples of Christ no matter where they find themselves on their faith journey.  

    Westminster has a strong tradition of excellent Christian Education opportunities for all ages and a vital Youth Ministry program. In addition to two Worship Services, a typical Sunday morning includes a cadre of volunteers teaching Sunday School for Preschoolers, (Ages 2 to 4); two sessions of Godly Play, (Kindergarten- Grade 2 and Grades 3-5); a Middle Schoolers on the Move class; a Senior High Sunday School class; and, in alternate years, a Confirmation Class.  

    Westminster has an intellectually curious congregation. Adult education classes are provided between services, during the 10:10 hour, covering a broad range of subjects from traditional Bible study to more progressive discussions such as interfaith peacekeeping, race relations, parenting classes and social justice issues.  

    Sunday evening from 5-7 p.m. is set aside for the 180 Youth Ministry Program for  middle school and senior high youth. Dinner is provided. 180 Youth also participate in  a variety of activities and events throughout the year including lock-ins and retreats, the Souper Bowl of Caring, interfaith experiences, and mission opportunities. Historically, missions trips have been taken to New York City, South Carolina, and Guatemala. Additionally 180 Youth have experienced local mission opportunities with such organizations as the Food Bank of Delaware, the Clothing Bank, Urban Promise, and Habitat for Humanity.

    Christian Education is not limited to Sundays. Small groups and special interest groups meet periodically depending on interest. Vacation Bible School is held for one week in July.

    More information about Westminster can be found on the website at wpc.org.  

    Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume directed to Janet Steinwedel, Convenor of the Christian Education Search Committee, to: [email protected]



Church Educator Job Description

August 2018

PURPOSE: Provide primary staff responsibility for administration of Christian Education (CE)



• Serve as staff liaison and resource to CECommittee

• Coordinate all Christian Education programs in consultation with the Christian         Education Committee, Adult Education Sub Committee, Pre School Director and         program coordinators.

    • Participate in the work of the Youth Ministry Team (Educator, Director of Faith

       Formation through Music and the Arts and Part-time Youth Ministry Team Members)

    • Teach periodically in areas of interest.

    • Oversee the recruiting and development of teachers/leaders.

    • Provide and interpret curriculum and resources.

    • Interpret and promote CEopportunities for all ages to the congregation.

    • Work with the CECommittee to develop some intergenerational activities.

    • Help CECommittee to prepare and administer the Christian Education budget.

    • Promote the broader educational vision for all ages to the congregation.

    • Provide compassionate care and guidance for parents, youth and volunteers

    • Assist in implementing Children’s Time during Sunday Worship

RELATIONSHIPS: Works in close cooperation with the Ordained Staff, Christian Education

Committee, and Director of Faith Formation through Music and the Arts

REPORTS TO: Head of Staff and to the congregation through the Christian Education Committee of Session.

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters degree and PC(USA)Christian Educator certification or equivalent experience. Strong leadership experience in Christian Education with children and youth (required) and adults (desired).

EVALUATION: Annual discussion of contributions and development will be conducted by the

Head of Staff incorporating input from Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee with

input from the Head of Staff will annually review the adequacy of compensation for this full-

time position



Benefits: Yes