Director of Children, Young Adult and Family Ministries

Position Overview

This position is committed to intergenerational ministry in love and service to Christ.

The director will provide programming leadership for the nurturing of children newborn through 6th Grade, young adults and families.    See Prerequisites below – (A knowledge of the RGPC Child Safety Policy content is a requirement for this position.)

Time Requirements

This is a 25 hours/week position requiring Sunday morning attendance each week.  Compensation shall be as specified in an Employment Agreement provided by the Administration and Finance (A&F) Committee.


Christian education experience or a degree in education is desired.  The Director of Children, Young Adult, and Family ministries must review and accept the RGPC Child Safety Policy and pass a background check.  There is zero tolerance for using drugs or alcohol during or immediately prior to working hours.  Random drug and alcohol tests may be required.  No smoking is allowed in the building or on the church grounds. (see the RGPC Employee Manual.)

Specific Job Responsibilities

   Children’s Ministry & Sunday School

• Work with the Christian Education (CE) Committee to develop and implement a curriculum for preschool through 6th Grade, with outcomes, goals, and objectives that enable students to mature in the following areas:

o Learning The Word

o Living and Sharing The Word

• Select/develop educational materials that address the desired outcomes of the curriculum

• Recruit, train, and support volunteer teachers for grade Pre-K through 6th Sunday School.

• Be present on Sundays each week, leading a chapel service as a model of worship on a scheduled basis.

• Review with CE Committee (each May) and assess the outcomes of the Sunday School program  and implement corrections/changes as needed.

• Work with the Head of Staff (HOS) to integrate the children into congregational worship services on a regular basis.

• Work to create opportunities for children to actively participate and/or lead the worship service on a regular basis (e.g. lay reader, usher, special music, announcements, and liturgical dance/drama).

• Make every endeavor to shape students into people who are comfortable entering into the regular worship service.

• Lead, Coordinate, implement, and administer the Vacation Bible School program.


• Coordinate recurring Mission and Giving seasonal events such as :

o Thanksgiving food drive

o Quarter Drive

o Bible Sunday

o Specific Mission Drives

Young Adults

• Create, plan, organize, and direct any programs, activities, service projects, and the annual fundraiser for the Young Adult Mission Trip (YAMT) on a quarterly/seasonal basis.

• Disciple young adults in their faith walk by offering leadership opportunities in the congregation and mentoring those who are younger.

• Plan, organize, strategize, and lead the annual June YAMT.

Family Ministry

• Create, plan, organize, and direct any programs, activities and service projects for families.

• Work with the Director of Youth Ministries (DYM) to create opportunities for children, young adults and families to actively participate in congregational life.

• Work with HOS and the DYM to plan, organize and lead the 5pm Christmas Eve Family Service.

• Coordinate, implement and administer intergenerational events/programs on a quarterly/seasonal basis.


• Supervise the paid nursery staff and volunteer Sunday School Teachers.

• The Director is accountable to the HOS and the CE Committee regarding budget items.

• Attend weekly staff meetings (presently on Tuesday) and monthly CE Committee meetings.

• Offer volunteer trainings on subjects of need and interest at least once per year.

• Write a monthly report for this ministry.

• Be responsible to children, their parents, and Sunday School teachers by maintaining a calendar and communicating via regular email, Facebook announcements, bulletin boards  and bi-annual schedules.  Event notifications should be at least a month in advance of the planned event.

• Establish and maintain online presence on the RGPC website specific to this ministry.

• Submit a year-in-review report to the church secretary each January for inclusion in the Annual Report presented at the congregation’s annual meeting.

• Let the HOS know of any issues or problems.

• Any space (e.g. Sunday School office, Chapel, storage, etc.) utilized by this position must be clean and organized.

• Give advanced notice for any time off needed from the regularly scheduled work day to the HOS and the church office.

• Be a member of Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) and its local chapter, Great Lakes Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (GLAPCE).


Personality Characteristics Required

o Must establish a good working relationship with all church staff, families, volunteers and children

o Must be a self-motivated person

o Must be cordial and personable when interacting with the members of the congregation and staff

o Must be a good communicator

o Must communicate regularly with the CE Committee and Pastor Head of Staff (HOS)

o Must be watchful and proactive to developing situations or conflicts

o Must be grounded in Christian education

o Must be reliable and dependable to be on the job as scheduled

o Appropriate dress is required

o Must have reliable transportation

Reporting Relationship and Performance Review

The Director of Children, Young Adult and Family Ministry is accountable to and under direction of the Pastor Head of Staff.  After the first 90 days of employment an initial employment performance review will be conducted by the Head of Staff Pastor, a representative from the Administration & Finance Committee and a representative of the Christian Education Committee. Thereafter, an annual performance evaluation will be conducted by the same parties.

Who to Contact

If you are interested in this position please submit your resume, a short statement of faith, and list of references to Pastor Kellie Whitlock.  An interview may then be scheduled.

Terms of Employment

Compensation shall be as specified in the Employment Agreement.

Present contacts:

Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church

9601 Hubbard Ave.

Livonia, MI 48150

Pastor Kellie Whitlock’s Direct Phone Line:

734-422-0494 Ext. 118

[email protected]