PURPOSE:  To design and provide children and youth ministry programs aimed at nurturing a foundation in Christian faith, empowering lives of love, peace, and justice; to recognize this intention is best fulfilled through intergenerational collaboration.


ACCOUNTABILITY:  Accountable to Pastor | Head of Staff


TERM OF SERVICE: The Certified Christian Educator is a full-time exempt position serving in a director role.


Salary                                                  Commensurate with education and experience

FICA Benefit                                       7.65% of cash salary  


Board of Pensions Benefit Program

·         Health Insurance                     Funded 100% by Employer

·         Pension                                    11% of base Salary

·         Death and Disability               1% of base Salary


REQUIRED SCHEDULE: The typical work week is Sunday through Thursdays. The position enjoys the benefit program outlined in the Human Resource Policy Guide.



•   Equips teachers for all Sunday School classes for children ages two through grade five.

•   Orders, and distributes curriculum, supplies, etc. as needed.

•   The Business Office facilitates a weekly snack for ages two through five through the Shandon Weekday School Food Service.

•   Assures Sunday School classrooms are returned to an orderly condition in preparation for Shandon Weekday School.

•   Facilitates Worship Readiness, a liturgical survey for first graders leading to active worship participation.



·    Assist in the exploration and coordination of children [Current Curriculum: Sparkhouse, Whirl] and youth ( Current Curriculum: Sparkhouse, Re:form] church school.

·    Coordinate and lead the Annual Confirmation Class in arrangement with lay leadership.



•   Extended Care is offered Sunday mornings immediately following Young Disciples through the conclusion of worship for children ages two through 5.  The Business Office coordinates two paid child care providers weekly.



•   Childcare for infants and toddlers is provided from 9:15 a.m. – conclusion of worship service in Rooms 107 and 107B. The Business Office coordinates two paid child care providers weekly. Two volunteers, typically older mothers, empty nesters, etc., assist the paid child care providers during the Sunday school hour.



•   SOW is a midweek Wednesday offering for 10-weeks in winter, and spring.

•   The CCE equips a lay leadership to lead a midweek Bible study in coordination with the Director of Children’s and Youth Music for grades one through five.

•   Childcare for ages two through five is provided from 6 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. in Room 106. The Business Office coordinates two paid child care providers weekly.  



·      Selects and orders appropriate materials for children’s worship bags, including bulletin, writing utensils, etc. based on the theme for the day (liturgical year) and makes them available in the Sanctuary Narthex and Vestibule for Sunday morning worship.


SPECIAL PROGRAMING (Examples of Current Activities)

•   Annual Easter Egg Hunt, typically Palm Passion Sunday

•   Annual Trunk or Treat, typically held on the Wednesday closest to October 31

•   Advent Workshop, typically an afternoon opportunity on the First Sunday in Advent  

•   Annual Birthday Party for Jesus during usual Sunday School Hour

•   Assists the Director of Children’s and Youth Music with the Children’s Tableau typically scheduled Christmas Eve, 4 p.m.

•   Occasional recreational opportunities (examples: bicycles and popsicles, movie night)


YOUTH FELLOWSHIP, OUTREACH, EXPERIENCES (Examples of Current Programs and Schedules)

·    Facilitate, lead and augment weekly (TBD) evening Mid-High and Senior High Youth discipleship (Sundays or TBD) and Bible study (Wednesdays or TBD) [Current Curriculum: Sparkhouse, Echo the Story] October through April.

·    Assist in the exploration, coordination and leadership of local mission opportunities appropriate for Mid-High and Senior High Youth in both fall and spring semesters.

·    Chaperone and coordinate other adult chaperones, as appropriate, for Annual Confirmation Retreat (TBD); November TBD Presbytery Retreat at Blue Ridge Assembly; June (Second Week of month) Montreat Youth Conference.

·    Assist in the preparation, attend and lead a triennial international mission experience incorporating Senior High Youth.



·   Assist in the integration of children and youth into the leadership of worship.

·   Assist in the preparation and leadership of Youth Sunday (TBD) and Confirmation Sunday (TBD).



•   Maintains awareness of parents’ needs for nurturing children and youth in the faith.

•   Provides materials, special enrichment, and learning events for parents of children through the twelfth grade.



•   Attends regular meetings including weekly staff, education ministry, including children and youth sub-ministries.

•   Facilitate all communication regarding children and youth ministries in consort with the Communications Director.

•   Facilitates Children, Youth, and Education Ministry Meetings as scheduled, providing a synopsis of plans, activities, etc. as required.

•   Periodically plans meetings with teachers and coordinators to facilitate the implementation of programs and ministry goals.

•   Shares responsibility with staff and lay leadership for scheduling events to avoid conflicts, secures and coordinates use of supplies and use of equipment.


Relationships:  Accountable to the Pastor | Head of Staff in the performance of responsibilities. Employee is expected to work cooperatively with others and to treat other staff members, members of the congregation, and outside work-related contacts with respect. Relates to fellow certified Christian educators and maintains membership in organizations of accredited Christian educators.

Volunteer Management:  Provide direction, gain commitment, facilitate change, engage people in their areas of giftedness and passion.

Leadership Development: Relates to fellow Christian educators and maintains membership in the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators. Encourages others to discover and engage their giftedness and skills in service; call out the best in others; think strategically about the continual need for a next generation of leaders and work to build the leadership base.

Evaluation: A performance review will be conducted by the employee, supervisor and the Personnel Ministry annually.

Performance: Frequently required to stand, walk, sit, bend, stoop, kneel, talk, and hear, drive, and ride.