Director of Christian Education
University Presbyterian Church
El Paso, Texas

Who We Are
University Presbyterian Church is a community committed to praising God daily by touching lives through worship, study, fellowship, and service. We invite our local and online community to join us as we worship by singing and praying with one another, and by serving one another and the community – loving what and who God loves. We are an inclusive and affirming church that is a part of the Reformed Protestant tradition, and our focus is upon ministering to those in the community as well as encouraging the spiritual growth of members. Worship is the cornerstone of our faith, from which comes a warm fellowship and enthusiastic service to others beyond the walls of the church.

Position Overview
We seek a Director of Christian Education who will empower us to reimagine faith formation and Christian education in ways that are intergenerational, intercultural, bilingual, dynamic, and experiential. This successful DCE will recognize that every experience in our lives can provide us with the opportunity to express our faith, and therefore will approach the Christian formation of the congregation from a holistic perspective that integrates community, prayer, teaching, proclamation, and service throughout the life of the church, both inside our walls and out in the world.

Job Description