Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


POSITION: Director of Middle School Ministries

GENERAL SUMMARY OF THE POSITION: The Director Middle School Ministries will develop middle school youth curricula, coordinate, implement, and lead middle school youth programs, and serve as a Christian role model for all of the youth of Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church.

REPORTS TO: Director of Christian Education


• Mature faith in Jesus Christ with the ability to connect, engage, and energize others

• A love and respect for youth and families and an understanding of adolescent spiritual, psychosocial, and physical development

• Energy, enthusiasm, approachability, and the ability to laugh and have fun

• A desire to nurture the spiritual growth of young people using experiences of God’s grace and mercy in their life and the world

• Creativity and willingness to implement change in youth programs

• Ability to develop and administer Christ-centered youth programming within the church and the community

• Solid oral and written communication skills to keep the congregation, families, and youth informed of all events and activities

• Demonstrated effectiveness in getting work done through staff, families, and volunteers by motivating, influencing, and inspiring trust and loyalty

• Ability to recruit, build, and maintain effective work teams, including volunteers, that successfully meet MPPC ministry priorities

• Conflict management and mediation skills

• Organizational skills, including but not limited to, the ability to juggle multiple projects

• Strong group facilitation, leadership, and listening skills

• An understanding of the dynamics and needs of a large church

• Willingness to work long hours, both during the week and on weekends; including mission trips and retreats

• A gift for relational and program ministry and a good understanding of the current youth culture, especially focused on middle school age issues

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office and social media


• Developing, leading, and maintaining programs for 6th through 8th grade youth members and their families

• Developing and evaluating curriculum, ensuring that they are consistent with PC(USA) and Reformed theology

• Being a spiritual leader, teacher, and mentor for youth

• Working with parents and volunteers to provide programming for youth, including leadership development for adult volunteers and youth

• Organizing and leading youth mission, educational, and recreational activities

• Recruiting and engaging ALL youth in the church’s overall mission and ministry

• Actively participating in a youth ministries team that will have primary responsibility for the youth and youth-parent programs of MPPC, including church school and youth group

• Coordinating MPPC planning calendar with the Director of High School Ministries and other staff

• Actively participating in outside youth organizations (community, Presbytery, General Assembly, etc)

• Serving as resource staff person for middle school ministry team

• Creating a welcoming, secure, and supportive community for youth as they enter into early adolescence in order to share with them the formative love and truth of Jesus Christ

• Integrating students into the life of the larger church and fostering intergenerational connections

• Administering the approved Middle School Ministry budget


• Must have a deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Word and Sacrament

• Must be a person who leads with Christ at the center of his/her life

• Must be committed to the mission and core values of MPPC

• Must have a thorough knowledge of the Bible as accepted by PC(USA)


• Bachelor degree required; focus in ministry, education, or leadership and 4 years work experience in related field desired.

• Only non-ordained individuals will be considered

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