October 2017

Position Title: Director for Youth and Their Families

Reports To: Director of Family Life

Summary of Position: The primary responsibility of the Director for Youth and Their

Families (YTF) is to direct, train and recruit a team of youth leadership and adult volunteers to serve the spiritual needs of young people (grades 6-12) and their families by creating an

environment where youth, their families and their adult leaders can engage in life-long

Christian growth and discipleship.

Requirements: Undergraduate degree in Christian Education, Youth Ministry, or some other related field

Duties and Responsibilities

The Director for Youth and their Families is a leader of leaders. He/she is responsible

(with the assistance of the YTF Ministry and administrative staff) for overseeing the

coordination and implementation of Woods’ youth and family ministry including Bible

study, confirmation, middle- and high-school youth fellowship, youth small groups,

mission trips, and conferences. Specifically, this individual will serve as:

Leadership Developer: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Train and equip youth and families for ministry in the church and community

• Identify adult advisors, volunteers, youth, and the Youth and Their

Families Ministry (YTF) chairs

• Encourage the congregation to participate in the ministry for youth and their families

• Supervise YTF interns

• Work cooperatively with the Session, YTF Ministry, Confirmation Task Force, WoodsWork Committee and other subcommittees and groups to provide broad support to our multi-faceted youth ministry

Spiritual Guide: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Provide spiritual guidance and support to the leaders of youth, both adults

and teens

• Nurture and lead youth and their families toward a relationship with God

and with each other through prayer, study of scripture and the Reformed tradition

• Collaborate with a team of people (to include Woods pastors, deacons and Stephen

Ministers) who provide high quality pastoral care for youth and their families

• Coordinate with other ministries of the church, Baltimore Presbytery and

other PCUSA congregations to provide ministry opportunities for youth

and their families

Worship Leader: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Proclaim the gospel as teacher and speaker at youth gatherings

• Serve as a colleague in ministry and member of the senior leadership staff

• Encourage full participation of youth and families in worship

Director: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Evaluate, update and implement Woods’ vision for youth and family


• Direct the creation and planning of youth retreats, activities, and events for

the year

• Foster a high level of participation by youth and families in the overall life

of the church and in service to the larger community

Administrator: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Serve as staff resource for the Youth and their Families ministry

• Oversee the preparation and distribution of youth ministry publications,

including written materials, website, texts, e-mails, and all other forms

of communication

• Working with the YTF Ministry, establish a budget and ensure that it is monitored

• Provide pertinent resources and materials for leader training and youth


• Maintain strict adherence to Woods’ Child Protection Policy

• Communicate effectively with colleagues on the church staff and in

Presbytery, as well as in the community

Ministry Beyond the Local Church: The Director for Youth and their Families will:

• Participate in the ecumenical community and connect with local youth


• Be aware at all times that he /she is a witness to the nature of Jesus Christ

and a representative of Woods Church to the congregation, to visitors and

to the public

General Terms of Employment and Benefits

• Up to 18 months of professional coaching from Ministry Architects (under contract)

• General terms of employment and benefits are set forth in the current

Personnel Manual

• Salary is established annually by the congregation through the Session and

the Human Resources Ministry

• Work Time: This is a salaried, full-time, exempt, position. Overtime is

not available. Work week includes Sunday, another weekday off is


• Retirement and Health: available

• Vacation Time: Based on service as specified in the Personnel Manual

• Study Leave: available

• Continuing Education, Automobile and Discretionary Expenses will be


Job Post Link: http://www.woodschurch.org/positions
Contact E-mail: [email protected]