To provide Christian nurture and service opportunities for the youth and their families through quality programming and leadership as a way to communicate the Christian faith and to equip youth to serve others.

Reports to:

Head of Staff

Director of Christian Education


• Coordinates activities of Youth Ministry into an integrated and effective program for the youth and their families

• Develops, and plans the youth group program (annual plan)

• Develops a ministry to college students

• Works with the Confirmation leaders to ensure an appropriate plan is developed and implemented for confirmands and mentors

• Supports and maintains mission emphasis among youth

• Develops, plans and implements the “Teens With A Mission” mission

• Develops, plans and implements mission opportunities for youth

• Assists with the planning and implementation of fund raising events to sup-port mission trips

• Plans and/or conducts special events appropriate for youth and their families

• Maintains an annual calendar (updated quarter or more often as needed) of youth events and programs

• Uses several forms of communication to keep youth and their parents informed

• Works closely with the Youth Committee

• Recruits and encourages all parents of youth to be an active participant

• Recruits, trains and supports youth advisors

• Acts as a resource for curriculum selection and implementation during weekly Youth Fellowship

• Oversees implementation of the curriculum for youth programs

• Works closely with the Director of Christian Education to ensure the youth curricu-lum aligns with the church focus, goals and needs

• Identifies, plans and implements programs to serve the needs of youth in the Church’s service area

• Provides support and encouragement for youth and their families

• Organizes and/or provides training and support for parents of youth regarding real world issues facing parents of youth or the youth themselves

• Provides support by attending youth community activities on a regular basis

• Provides (or refers to appropriate persons) individual counseling for youth or parents of youth

• Works closely with Christian Education to coordinate special programs and special worship opportunities

• Works with the planning, implementation of special Christian Education events which involve youth, as participants and/or volunteers

• Works in conjunction with other groups to plan, implement and involve youth in spe-cial activities and/or special worship opportunities (including but not limited to: Youth Sunday, TWAM Thanksgiving events, TWAM report, etc.)

• Other duties assigned by the Director of Christian Education, Head of Staff or the Session


Youth Advisors

Minimum Requirements:

• Educational Requirements

o High School diploma required; Bachelor’s degree in education desired

• Experience

o Served as a youth leader/coordinator (paid or volunteer) in a Church or non-profit

o At least 23 years of age (to provide for a five-year age difference between the oldest youth involved in Church programs)

• Lives a Christ-like life

• Has strong oral and written communication skills

• Works well with others

• Is Organized but flexible

• Is willing to follow a flexible schedule

• Maintains confidentiality

• Has strong leadership and planning skills

• Possesses assessment skills to identify youth needs within the Church and in our service area


The Head of Staff will conduct an annual performance review with input from the appropriate committees.  The Personnel Committee will review the performance review, as needed. The Business Administrator will maintain the Annual Performance Review.