Next Gen Ministry Director
Liberti Church Main Line
Wayne, PA

Employment Type: Full-time
Reports to: Lead Pastor – Rev. Matthew Harmon, ThM.
Starting: Spring/Summer 2023

Objective: Develop a Next Gen Ministry that will encourage and lead middle and high school students into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourage students in such a way that they grow in their faith, preparing them for a lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth.

Growth: Liberti Church Main Line is positioned for outsized growth in its Next Gen Ministry, given favorable demographics, relaunch of our church with ~ 50% attendees in K-12 age groups, and the potential for partnership with Young Life, FCA, etc. The successful development of Liberti’s Next Gen Ministry will require the successful candidate to identify with the following developmental stages of ministry:

Early Stage of Developing a Next Gen Ministry
● Entrepreneurial self-starter that is energized by the idea of building a Next Gen Ministry with adolescents from within and outside of Liberti Church.
● Individual with a high-level of EQ who can cast a vision and execute it…this will require self-confidence and maturity.
● Ability to culturally connect with middle and high school students, creating an attractive and compelling environment to which students can invite friends. The candidate will need to convince us they have the commitment to doing “contact work”…finding ways to get students engaged. And establish a budget and strategy to execute events, camps, retreats, etc.
● Serve as a Christ like role model willing and energized about partnering with local student organizations like Young Life, FCA, etc. Also, a willingness to opportunistically engage with local high schools, churches, and the community to attract students to Liberti MainLine. Evenings and weekends required for contact work and events, especially during the academic year.

Middle Stage of a Growing Next Gen Ministry
● Use strong communication skills (verbal and written) and technology to develop formal/informal structure for a developing ministry. This may or may not involve the establishment of platforms for communicating with students or implementing regularly scheduled group events appealing to Liberti’s students.
● Recruitment, equipping, and mobilization of paid or volunteer leaders (college students, parents, etc) will likely be required as more routine and regularly scheduled events materialize.

Later Stage Ministry
● Providing support/assisting parents of students in the process of discipling their youth.
● Equipping students through discipleship offerings, so they will be inspired to share the
gospel with their friends…involving them in contact work and organizing events for those
who might not be ready for discipleship.
● Developing ways to assimilate students into the worship, community and mission of
Liberti Church.

Essential Prerequisites:
● Profess belief in Jesus Christ as personal savior, and committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.
● A passion for adolescents and a desire to see Liberti’s mission fulfilled among the “Next Gen” of the Main Line.
● Support Liberti’s ministry team in other areas, as may be required from time to time.
● Abide by policies and practices of Liberti Church Main Line, including those related to our
doctrine, vision and mission.
● Commitment to ongoing spiritual development of self, family, and anyone under your care
and authority.

Generous salary and benefits to be negotiated based on education, experience, and proven success.