Children and Anti-Racism Toolkit


We, the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators, value faith formation for all ages, stages, and walks of life. As we continue to learn and grow as baptized people, we acknowledge a lack of diversity in our organization. As followers of Jesus Christ, we admit we fall short in acting upon what we hear, not listening to all voices at the table. We acknowledge that our actions, both implicit and explicit, have stifled these voices long silenced. Jesus calls us to inclusiveness, which we seek to embody as we wrestle with how to achieve diversity, equity, and justice.

  • We define diversity as creating and preserving a place at the table for all of God’s children regardless of color and its racialization, gender and/or sexual identity, ability, denomination, economic circumstance, culture, nationality, or other barriers to participation.
  • We define equity as the good fruits of God’s intention, striving to bring special attention to those who have traditionally been treated unequally and unjustly.
  • We define justice as giving support and comfort to the “least of these” – the outsiders, the powerless, and the voiceless.\

Children and Anti-Racism Toolkit

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Posted on

November 3, 2021