Since March 2020, we have been learning how to participate in faith formation during a pandemic.
We have abandoned some things, adapted others, created new things.
We have wrestled with technology.
We have grieved losses.
We have celebrated new successes.
And we may have even redefined success,
As we have followed that great tradition of creating and adapting the ways we go about faith formation.

Now as we emerge from the pandemic, we are called to explore and think about faith formation for the coming months and years.
Our aim may be the same as it was pre-pandemic.
But we and our faith communities are not the same.
We most likely cannot go back to doing things just like we did.

So, at the invitation of Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) and the Office of Christian Formation in the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), we have been called to create
Post Pandemic Pondering and Planning – A Resource for Faith Re-Formation.

We have created it to help as you ponder and evaluate how your faith communities will go about faith formation in the future.


Post Pandemic Pondering and Planning – A Resource for Faith Re-Formation

Reflexión y planificación después de la pandemia

코로나 이후에 대한 성찰 및 계획