Spirituality Studio

We are pleased the A Sanctified Art is serving not only as our conference artists and liturgy writers but the team is also providing our Spirituality Studio. This space will be in a room full of glass overlooking the Arkansas River, Walking path, and sculpture garden connected to the Marriott Hotel. This will be a space to reflect, create, sit, explore, and be with God. The team plans to provide some directed art times in the Spirituality Studio as well which may be during lunch or late evening. Look for those on the schedule you receive in Little Rock. This lovely large multipurpose space will also house Yoga in the early mornings and a workshop. In addition to the space by the river, A Sanctified Art will have several Pop-Up Art Installations between the Plenary Space, Marketplace, and Spirituality Studio. These may include opportunities to reflect as well. So you can see…this will be an outside the box experience for 2020.

A Sanctified Art

A Sanctified Art

Conference Artists

A Sanctified Art is a collaborative of four liturgical artists and pastors who will design our worship space and liturgy, craft our spirituality centers, and offer multiple workshops integrating art with Christian education and worship.



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