Drawing from the Well with Water-bearers and Other Caregivers

Come to the well with Jesus, Photina[1], the previously unnamed Samaritan woman, and other water-bearers to receive living water. In this workshop, caregivers Will Cameron and Liz Jennings offer you practices of neurodiverse writing, and exuberant worship, and will guide you in new perspectives for engaging mission and everyday service. Led by pastor and teacher, Kathryn Johnson Cameron and community advocate and public-school teacher, Judy Jennings, you will rediscover the ways of reaching across borders, healing wounds, and making connections modeled in John’s Gospel by Jesus and Photina. Draw on your unvoiced challenges and gifts and discover a new community. Draw from the well with Water Bearers Will Cameron and Liz Jennings, their moms, Kathryn and Judy, and other caregivers who share God’s living water. Will, who does not speak, offers you his neuro-graphic writing, immersion meditation, and daily water serving practices. Liz offers her mission hacks, her worship leadership, and her “do what you can when you can” theology. The leaders will share their experiences of kin-enabled, adaptively-communicated, and community-supported care with their exceptional adult children who live at home. As seekers and caregivers, we meet at the reservoir with strangers, family, school and community partners, and church folk, name our thirst, and share the spirit and truth of quenched life.
[1] Both the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches recognize Photina as the unnamed woman from John’s Gospel who meets Jesus at the well near Samaria.



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