Ministry with Children in the Garden

What would it look like to live in a world where children were able to experience fullness of life in the here-and-now? Drawing on practical work starting the “Children’s Garden Collective” in Hamilton, Ontario, I will offer insights into what it looks like to minister with children in the context of an urban garden. Gardening as a spiritual practice with children not only increases their resilience potential, but also lays the groundwork for a robust spirituality which might continue into adulthood. This workshop will consider psychological resilience and children’s spirituality in the context of the garden. Additionally, it will cover how food insecurity in urban communities threatens child well-being and calls for the church’s response. This interactive workshop will bring together theoretical insights rooted in real ministry practice and teach others to use gardening as a spiritual practice with children. Participants will come away with the tools necessary to start children’s gardens in their own ministry contexts and the insights to promote outdoor children’s ministry as a sustainable opportunity for local churches to connect with their communities and the planet.



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