APCE Leadership

Executive Council

Carl Horton


Julia Boyce

President Elect

Ken McFayden


Laurie Farquharson


Sarah Bishop


Coordinating Council

Julia Boyce

Co-Chair, Administration Ministry Team

Sarah Bishop

Co-Chair, Administration Ministry Team

Renda Brinson

Advocacy Ministry Team

Pressley Cox

Advocate Ministry Team

Thom Cunningham

Annual Event Ministry Team

Betsy Ensign-George

Awards and Scholarships Ministry Team

Jaime Staehle

Communications and Resources Ministry Team

Mary Todd Peters

Connecting Ministry Team

Charlotte McGowan

Endowment Ministry Team

Ken McFayden

Governance Ministry Team

Position Vacant

Reformed Church in America

Position Vacant

Christian-Reform Church

Emily Hill

Presbyterian Church in Canada

Stephanie Fritz

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Beth Hayes

Moravian Association of Church Educators (M.A.C.E.)

Leadership Council


*Carl Horton, APCE President

*Sarah Bishop, APCE Treasurer

Julia Boyce, APCE President-Elect

Brianna Cook

Laurie Farquharson, APCE Secratary 

Rachel Pederson

Mary Taneti

Deb DeMeester


*Renda Brinson

Kristi Button

Barbara Chalfant

Debbie Hough

Jennifer Whitford

Debra McKune

Leigh Anne Ring

Mary Robinson

Joyce Vance, Moravian Staff


*Pressley Cox

Davis Barnes

British Hyrams

Beth Herrington-Hodge

Carol Wehrheim

Grace Yeuell


*Thom Cunningham

Bette Case

Christina Cosby

Kirsty DePree

Vickie Dieth

Roberta Dodds-Ingersoll

Bonnie Edwards

Heidi Everhart

Catherine Foster

Candace Hill

Sonia Lee

Meredith Loftis

Jim Monnett

Lisa Turner

Miatta Wilson


*Betsy Ensign-George

Nicole Abdnour

Martha Bess DeWitt

Mark Lampley

Jill VerSteeg (RCA Staff)


*Mary Todd Peters

Jeff Dickinson
(North Central)

Emily Hill (Canada)

Leslee Kirkconnell

Becky D’Angelo-Veitch

Allison Kelly
(South Atlantic/Puerto Rico)

Mary Marcotte
(South Central)

Margaret Norris (Moravian)

Beth Hayes (Moravian)

Lou Johnson (Mid-Atlantic)

Sandy Safford
(Rocky Mountains)

Cindy Moorman
(Rocky Mountains)

Jane Parker
(Southern Pacific)

Roberta Schlechter (Northwest)

Kirsty DePree (CERCA)

Jane Richardson (CERCA)

Karen Wright (Mid-Central)

Lisa Watts (Great Lakes)

Susan Wisseman (East)


* Jaime Staehle

Virginia Callegary

Caitlin Donohue Supcoff

Beth Hayes

Kathryn McGregor

Gary Wires


* Charlotte McGowan

Sarah Bishop

Jodi Haun

Graham Kenney

Michelle Thomas-Bush


*Ken McFayden

Dawn Castner

Kathryn Campbell

Julia Boyce

Sidney Fisher

Danna Larson

Molly Tenuto

Sharon Vanpelt