APCE Leadership

Executive Council

Carl Horton


Julia Boyce

President Elect

Ken McFayden


Laurie Farquharson


Sarah Bishop


Coordinating Council

Julia Boyce

Co-Chair, Administration Ministry Team

Sarah Bishop

Co-Chair, Administration Ministry Team

Renda Brinson

Advocacy Ministry Team

Pressley Cox

Advocate Ministry Team

Thom Cunningham

Annual Event Ministry Team

Betsy Ensign-George

Awards and Scholarships Ministry Team

Jaime Staehle

Communications and Resources Ministry Team

Mary Todd Peters

Connecting Ministry Team

Michelle Thomas-Bush

Endowment Ministry Team

Ken McFayden

Governance Ministry Team

Position Vacant

Reformed Church in America

Position Vacant

Christian-Reform Church

Emily Hill

Presbyterian Church in Canada

Stephanie Fritz

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Beth Hayes

Moravian Association of Church Educators (M.A.C.E.)

Leadership Council


*Carl Horton, APCE President

*Sarah Bishop, APCE Treasurer

Julia Boyce, APCE President-Elect

Ken McFayden, Past President

Laurie Farquharson, APCE Secratary

Gord Brown

Debbie Cenko

Deb DeMeester

Rachel Pederson

Carol Stanley

Mary Taneti


*Renda Brinson

Kristi Button

Cheryl Carson

Beth Hayes

Debbie Hough

Melissa Kirkpatrick

Jennifer Whitford

Leigh Anne Ring

Mary Robinson


*Pressley Cox

David Barnes

Beth Herrington-Hodge

British Hyrams

Carol Wehrheim

Grace Yeuell


*Thom Cunningham

Bette Case

Christina Cosby

Kirsty DePree

Vickie Dieth

Roberta Dodds-Ingersoll

Bonnie Edwards

Heidi Everhart

Catherine Foster

Candace Hill

Sonia Lee

Meredith Loftis

Jim Monnett

Lisa Turner

Miatta Wilson


*Betsy Ensign-George

Nicole Abdnour

LaVerne Baublit

Martha Bess DeWitt

Mark Lampley

Sarah Lee Morris


*Mary Todd Peters

Jeff Dickinson
(North Central)

Emily Hill (Canada)

Leslee Kirkconnell

Becky D’Angelo-Veitch

Allison Kelly
(South Atlantic/Puerto Rico)

Mary Marcotte
(South Central)

Margaret Norris (Moravian)

Beth Hayes (Moravian)

Lou Johnson (Mid-Atlantic)

Sandy Safford
(Rocky Mountains)

Cindy Moorman
(Rocky Mountains)

Jane Parker
(Southern Pacific)

Roberta Schlechter (Northwest)

Kirsty DePree (CERCA)

Jane Richardson (CERCA)

Karen Wright (Mid-Central)

Lisa Watts (Great Lakes)

Susan Wisseman (East)


* Jaime Staehle

Martha Bettis Gee

Virginia Callegary

Christy Clore

Caitlin Donohue Supcoff

Kathryn McGregor

Gary Wires


* Michelle Thomas Bush

Charlotte Allbright

Sarah Bishop

Jodi Haun

Charlotte McGowan



*Ken McFayden

Kathryn Campbell

Dawn Castner

Sidney Fisher

Danna Larson

TJ Remaley

Gina  Struensee

Molly Tenuto

Susan Thornton

Sharon Vanpelt