APCE Scholarships

APCE is pleased to offer several scholarships to attend each year’s Annual Event, and for Certification Courses offered at the AE and the PC(USA) General Assembly. For more information and for Application forms, follow the links below.

One of the goals of the Awards and Scholarship Ministry Team is to help more people attend the annual event, thus no one person may receive an award and a scholarship for the same event. Therefore, applicants will ordinarily receive one scholarship or award a year. Members of the selection committee, Coordinating Council, and their immediate families are not eligible for a scholarship, nor are workshop leaders who receive discounted registration for the Annual Event. The cost of APCE membership is not included with any scholarship.

To learn more about Valeria Murphy, for whom the E. Val Murphy Scholarship and the APCE Annual Event Offering are named, read this tribute from her alma mater and watch this video.

Scholarship Information and Criteria:

PC(USA) Member/Service
(funded separately from the Val Murphy Annual Event Offering)
Early bird conference registration fee, three nights’ lodging at Annual Event
conference hotel, and other conference-related expenses on a reimbursable basis up to $1,000
total value
For those who are members of or serve in the PC(USA). Preference given to persons of
color and those with little or no continuing education funds.
October 15 (5 pm Eastern)Number of scholarships awarded varies
E. Val MurphyEarly bird conference registration fee and three nights’ lodging at conference hotel for the Annual EventConsideration given to:
• Persons of color who are working in the field of Christian Education OR are students majoring in Christian Education,
• Christian Educators in the field who are professional or volunteer
Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternNumber of scholarships awarded annually may vary.

Application must include the names and email addresses of two people who will act as references.
Retired EducatorsEarly bird conference registration feeAwarded to Christian Educators who have been a member of APCE ten years or more. Preference is given to applicants from the region where the AE will occur.Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternOne scholarship awarded annually.

Recipients may receive this scholarship once only.
Current Member Early bird conference registration feeFor a current member of APCE

Consideration given:
• First to part-time church educators,
• Then to full-time church educators
Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternUp to six scholarships awarded annually. Ordinarily no more than one scholarship awarded in any region.
Small Church
100 or fewer in worship
Early bird conference registration feePreference is given to first-time AE attendees.Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternUp to ten scholarships awarded annually.
Regional Early bird conference registration feeFirst-time attendee of Annual Event. Preference given to persons of color.Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternUp to fourteen scholarships awarded annually.
Certification Courses offered at the AE and PC(USA)General Assembly(GA)Pays for $175 of course registrationAwarded to first six applications received. Applicants must be currently enrolled in their denomination’s certification process.Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternUp to six scholarships awarded annually.
Global PartnershipReimbursable for approved expenses up to $1750 to help with the Global Partner's total expenses: Early bird conference registration fee, transportation, lodging at the conference hotel for the Annual Event, and foodAwarded to international participants affiliated with one of APCE’s partner denominations, from countries outside the U.S.A. and Canada. Preference is given to first-time attendees.Oct. 15 at 5pm EasternInclude with application a letter of recommendation from a church governing body (for example: from a pastor who serves a church or agency from a partner denomination) and an attending sponsor.

Up to two scholarships may be awarded annually.
Online Needs-BasedOnline/Virtual Early bird conference registration feeAwarded to those attending the online/virtual Annual Event, with preference given to those who meet one or more of the following: from small congregations; persons of color; first-time attendees 2023 Annual Event -----