…because Growing in Faith Matters.

At its Fall 2018 meeting, the APCE Coordinating Council explored why we do what we do and the impact we aspire to have in the lives of others and in the world. From these explorations, the Council discerned a working why: We do what we do because Growing in Faith Matters.

With this working why in mind, the Coordinating Council identified three strategic priorities for the coming years:

  • To increase the accessibility and availability of APCE generated or curated resources to people serving in the Christian educational ministries of the church;
  • To increase opportunities at the local and regional levels;
  • To develop facilitated colleague groups—with mentors, coaches, or guides—around topics of interest.

This working why—and these strategic priorities—seek to craft a vision that builds upon the best of the past as APCE follows God’s calling and leading into the future.