Communications & Resource Ministry Team


The Communications and Resource Ministry Team will make use of media and technology to:

  • Promote the mission and vision of APCE to both current and potential members
  • Spark creative synergies amongst diverse faith communities
    inspire members to learn from one another at times other than the Annual Event or regional events
  • Connect with other denominations and organizations in educational ministry


  • The Communications and Resource Ministry Team shall consist of six current members of APCE, one of whom will be a resource center director.
  • The six current members of APCE shall be selected by the Governance Ministry Team. They shall serve in three rotating classes of two members each for a maximum of two terms.
  • The Moderator of the Ministry Team shall ordinarily be elected by the Ministry Team for a two-year term and shall preside at all Ministry Team. The Moderator may be re-elected for a one or two- year term.
  • A Vice Moderator of the Ministry Team shall ordinarily be elected annually by the Ministry Team, and shall preside in the absence of the Moderator. The Vice Moderator does not automatically succeed the Moderator upon the completion of the Moderator’s term.
  • The Webmaster & Coordinator of Technology and the Historian shall serve as ex officio members.
  • The Ministry Team may, as needed, create Task Groups to work on specific projects. The members of these Task Groups will not serve on the Communications and Resource Ministry Team. The Task Groups will be overseen by the Ministry Team.


  • The work of this Ministry Team is ongoing.
  • The Ministry Team shall meet face-to-face meeting in conjunction with the Annual Event and at least quarterly by means whereby all persons participating in the meeting can hear and speak to one another.
  • A majority of the members of the Ministry Team shall constitute a quorum.
  • Minutes of all Ministry Team meetings will be maintained and placed in the appropriate designated file storage system folder within 30 days of each meeting. Additional recommendations, actions and other matters the Ministry Team deems appropriate shall be reported to the Coordinating Council.
  • Moderator is responsible for sending news and information to the Historian.


  • Broadcast the mission and vision of APCE through dynamic communications by means of its website, social media applications, and online messages
  • Explore partnerships with other organizations and partner denominations to maintain a curated website with lists of references and links to guide those working in educational ministry
  • Provide information on and access to online, regional, and thematic conferences, workshops, and webinars
  • Promote teaching, learning, and leadership opportunities for everyone in educational
  • ministry both professionals and volunteers.
  • Offer instruction in information-navigation skills
  • Identify, acquire, and preserve materials of historical importance to the life of APCE
  • Provide dynamic resources to help members and patrons understand and engage in faith formation within a multicultural world
  • Support the Annual Event through the contributions of the Webmaster and the Communications and Resources Ministry Team.


  • Design the APCE website and social media applications so that it is a “go-to” resource for current information in the field of educational ministry in the Reformed faith.
  • Strive for consistency in the message regarding the mission, value, and strategic plans for APCE in all communications.
  • Provide current and accurate information on the APCE website and social media applications.