Multicultural/Intergenerational Resources

Holy Week and Easter Remote Ministry: Articles

Holy Week and Easter Remote Ministry: Articles

Equipping Our Saints: Supporting Our Teachers and Leaders

Creating Your Own Intergenerational Retreat

Grandparent Camp: Small Hands, Big Faith!

Spirituality Center

Changing Music and Faith for Children and Youth

Fruitful Living

Adventures in the Parables of Jesus

Baptism and Beyond

Aging, Caregiving, and the Church

Create A Labyrinth

Why Palestine Matters

Children in Mission and Ministry

Prayer Art

2019 Music Resources

Human Caused Disaster Response

The Future Of Faith Formation

The Social Family

Streams of Generosity

Worship 101: How well are you doing worship education?

Welcoming Worship: Worship as Inclusive, Cross + Generational Faith Formation

Embracing Change: Using Transitional Techniques to Chart New Paths in Educational Ministry

The First Seven Minutes

When the Least of These Demand the Most of You

Spirituality of Hospitality as Seen Through Children’s Literature

Extending the Ultimate Welcome

Lead with Your Best Welcome