Conversation Circles – Click for the description and location of each.

  • Wonder of Worship Project
    Location: 1st floor – East C
    The Wonder of Worship project is interested in learning from those involved in children’s ministry ways that you’ve found to nurture children’s faith through corporate worship and prayer. We would love to hear your stories about how children’s participation in worship has changed in these endemic times and how a grant project focused on this topic might assist you in your ministry. Come and share your stories of joys and challenges with us.
  • “Project Regeneration: a prayerful discernment process for the next season of your congregation’s life”
    Location: 3rd floor – East K

    The Presbyterian Foundation offers a creative discernment process that can be helpful to your congregation, your ministry and the future of the church.
    With Robert Hay Jr., The Presbyterian Foundation
  • APCE Diversity Task Force Update
    Location: 3rd floor – East J

    Join members of APCE’s Diversity Task Force for a quick presentation of its final report. Ample time will be reserved for questions and responses and most especially for your input on how well APCE is living into its goal of being more just and equitable.
    Led by members of the APCE Diversity Task Force – women and men, persons of color and persons of white, of many ages, geographies, and denominations.
  • Educator Certification Conversation
    Location: 3rd floor – East D
    Are you interested in educator certification or currently in the process or are you a Certification Advisor? Join us to learn more about the process to become a certified Christian educator as well as the recently revamped endorsement level of Christian Education Associate. There will be the opportunity to discuss questions regarding the process and requirements as well as direct advisors to available resources.
    Hosted by the Educator Certification Council.
  • Retired Educators’ Gathering
    Location: 3rd floor – East E
    All retired educators are invited to come for conversation, fellowship, and reminiscing–celebrating our important connections over the years!
    Hosted by retired educators.
  • Intro to Spiritual Direction
    Location: 3rd floor – East F

    Would you like to know more about spiritual direction? MJ Junkin will provide an introduction to Spiritual Direction and answer your questions.
  • Children’s Ministry
    Location: 3rd floor – East N

    Is ministry with children your focus? Join colleagues who focus on faith formation with children for conversation and connection.
  • Youth/Student Ministry
    Location: 1st floor – East B

    Is ministry with youth/students your focus? Come connect with others who lead youth/students and share ministry ideas.
  • Adult Faith Formation
    Location: 3rd floor – East G

    Is adult faith formation your focus? If so, join colleagues for connection and conversation regarding adult faith formation.
  • Older Adult Ministry
    Location: 3rd floor – East I

    Are you engaged in ministry with older adults or want to learn from others who are? Join this group for conversation as you share ideas and encourage each other.

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