Pre-Event: Educator Certification Course – Biblical Interpretation

This course focuses on hermeneutics; in other words, our central concern will be on how we interpret the Bible. Our exploration will begin with overarching issues and ideas relevant to the discipline of hermeneutics including divine inspiration, biblical authority, the hermeneutical circle, methodologies, and more. Having grasped several issues, we will examine the ways that a handful of interpreters apply very different hermeneutics to Genesis 1–3 in order to arrive at very different understandings of its meaning. Throughout all of this work, our discussions and assignments will remain attuned to how a better familiarity with hermeneutics can assist a Presbyterian Educator’s understanding of varying interpretations of the Bible, as well as presentation of Reformed Tradition.
Fee: $325
For further information contact: Billie Sutter, APCE Certification Course Coordinator:

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Justin M. Reed
Bio:  Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Justin joined the faculty at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2018, where he is Assistant Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. He holds degrees from Stanford University (BA), Harvard Divinity School (MTS) and Princeton Theological Seminary (PhD) and is ordained as a Progressive Baptist minister.  Justin has preached, taught, lectured, and led Bible studies in various churches and conferences, as well as, written many short online pieces and recorded videos that share the fruits of critical biblical scholarship in interesting and accessible ways. His forthcoming book, The Injustice of Noah’s Curse, will soon be published by Oxford University Press. He loves “walking with students as we discover ways of reading scripture that cultivate compassion and justice in the world.” Justin is married to attorney Catherine Howard, who serves as a public defender for Jefferson County; they are the proud parents of two sons, Jordan and Justice.