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Workshop E

Saturday, January 27 – Workshop E
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


Come enjoy being a learner rather than the leader in an advanced Bible study of texts from the Gospel according to John. We will use various approaches of interpretation to delve deeper while also benefiting from engaging in contemplative practices and exploring various ways liturgy interprets scripture.
This Bible study continues through four workshop blocks and is designed with seasoned and retired educators/pastors in mind. If you choose this workshop track, you will sign-up for workshop 101 (A block), 301 (C block), 401 (D block), and 501 (E block).


Do you have an idea for a faith study you would like to lead but no curriculum already exists? Come learn about a process to transform your idea into the reality of a multi-week study or single lesson, which is reformed, multi-sensory, and engaging. Whether your original idea is from an existing book or film or is a nugget from a conversation or lecture, you can put together an excellent learning experience. This approach to creating a learning event from a germ of an idea is applicable whether you teach adults, youth, or children.


Regardless of the age groups served by your ministry, getting away for a retreat is so important. The setting is an incredible place for fellowship and Christian education. This workshop will look at the logistics that go into planning a retreat for youth, adult, and intergenerational groups. The session includes tips on scheduling, structure, and programming (including free curriculum resources).
Offered in partnership with the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association (PCCCA).


According to Scripture, the earth and its members belong to God. We are called to care for creation, not only because God loves it, but also because a healthy creation supports human well-being. While the biblical writers knew nothing of modern forms of environmental degradation, they did express deeply held views about social justice and even land justice. Humans are part of creation, and what impacts creation impacts us, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. Explore these themes of the 2024–2025 Presbyterian Women/Horizons Bible study on Environmental Justice with author Patricia K. Tull and editor Betsy Ensign-George. The study encompasses justice regarding land, food, water, and air, as well as climate change, environmental justice for future generations, and visions of a sustainable future. Everyone will leave the workshop with resources to lead others in the study.


This workshop will present a theology and practice of children’s sermons. The goal is to give worship leaders concrete skills, supported by a theoretical understanding of the role of the children’s sermon in worship. We will discuss why object lessons so often fall short of their goal and present an argument instead for telling the stories of our faith to the children (and adults) of our congregations.

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