A Well-Loved Life: Honoring our Story

According to current research, 56% of Americans have not communicated their end-of-life wishes to their circle of support. This reality often leads to adverse outcomes at one of life’s most sacred times, including a higher likelihood of dying in a hospital, unwanted and invasive end-of-life treatments, and inadequate pain management throught the dying process. The lack of planning and conversation can also complicate the grieving process and impact spiritual and emotional health. It is important to start the conversation. Yet, the societal focus on the individualist, legalistic, and monetary aspects of advanced care planning is often off-putting to many people of faith. Embracing the process’s spiritual, communal, and cultural elements can offer a new lens through which we can view end-of-life care planning. End-of-life planning can be a life-affirming and generative process that improves our lives in the here and now and for future generations. This workshop will provide tools and resources to transform end-of-life planning into a spiritual practice.



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Speaker: Zeena Regis