Demystifying Young Adult Ministry

Who is nurturing your young adults in their faith formation when they go off to college or begin a trade? Learn how you can be more engaged in the lives of students during these formative years and commit to investing in these emerging church leaders now. This workshop demystifies young adult faith development and equips local churches to connect with and support young adults in the area. Intentional attention given to the faith formation of people at this integral stage of development helps the individuals to find their place in church and society more readily and to thrive once they are there. It also helps the church to understand what it means to make space for the gifts and wisdom of young adult leaders. This workshop draws on insights from campus ministers, sociologists, and others who work regularly with emerging adults. Among the many topics covered are stages of psychosocial development, stages of faith development, patterns and cycles in young adult life, and a 4-phase process that many young adults experience on their way from the embedded faith handed down to them to the deliberative faith that they claim and practice in their adult life.
Offered in partnership with UKirk Collegiate Ministries.

Room: Midway 9