Elephants, Ostriches, and Cows, Oh My!

Why is it that we so seldom discuss the elephant in the room? Like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, we pretend that decreasing attendance, divisive topics, financial shortages, and other issues might disappear if only we worked a little harder, added another program, and resurrected the Sacred Cows of yesteryear. Warning: Elephants come with side effects – including exhaustion, a sense of being overwhelmed, and perhaps finding yourself on the brink of giving up on the church altogether.

As educators, we face challenging times. However, we can find solutions that don’t require additional time, money, or energy. Together, we will explore scriptures, share stories, analyze current research, and acknowledge the possibility that God is already working on a solution. This workshop experience aims to provide you with renewed energy, optimism for the future, and valuable resources for your session or faith formation committee. Always remember that “God is Good!”



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