Films for Teaching and Engaging in Social Justice

“O Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult?” (Psalm 94:3) Victims of racism, violence, sexism, and such are among those thirsting for justice and crying out for relief from their oppression. Film can put a human face on social justice issues, so workshop participants will explore, with the aid of film clips, stories of rebellion against oppression. Participants will be helped to develop “eyes that see” more in a film than just entertainment, indeed, that some filmmakers can be considered as prophets with a camera. Thus, the films to be explored will be through eyes educated by the Scriptures in the belief that the God who spoke through a burning bush, a seer’s donkey, and disturbing dreams of misfits still seeks to speak to and call us, sometimes even through a film. These films are like the parables of Jesus, meant to challenge, disturb, and inform, hence their being labeled as visual parables. Participants will leave with a list of over 1200 films–dramatic and documentary–that probe forty social justice themes. Recent films, as well as older and classic films will be explored, including so-called “children’s films,” such as Babe, The Iron Giant, and Zootopia.



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