Gaming Together

So much of the culture of playing games pits us against one another. What are those games where we can play together? Where players aren’t picked off one at a time watching others win their way to the top of the mountain? Are there games for those who aren’t as thrilled about running and jumping outside? Cliff is an avid gamer and an online nerd who enjoys fostering community and cooperation in gameplay over crushing one’s opponent. This workshop we will discuss the advent of co-operative gaming as a group building and nurturing activity. He will introduce a number of cooperative games for participants to consider for their group as well as for their own enjoyment. There will be a number of them set up for play as an interactive experience in the second half of the workshop. Board games, Card Games, Video Games, Role Playing Games, and even a StarShip Simulator will be on hand to be shown and experienced. Come find out why Monopoly really isn’t that great and about a whole new possibility of playing TOGETHER rather than against each other.



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Speaker: Cliff Haddox