Knitting as a Spiritual Practice

Join Kirk Dunn, aka The Knitting Pilgrim, after he performs his one-man show of the same name, to talk about the miraculous transformation of a single strand into a fabric stitched with care, intention, and love. In this workshop, Kirk meets the participants at their skill level—beginner to advanced—and looks at three spiritual applications of this accessible artform: mindfulness, ministry, and craftivism. Each application is explored through small group brainstorming, knitting exercises, and free pattern/how-to handouts which participants can use to start a program of their own. Kirk will encourage and empower knitters to be the change they want to see in the world. Participants will leave the session with a deeper appreciation of what they can do for themselves, and, more importantly, for others… through the accessible craft of knitting.



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Speaker: Kirk Dunn