Making Space for Neurodiversity in Young Adult Ministry

Neurodiversity is a relatively new term that recognizes the diversity of processing, learning, and behavior that exists in humanity. Neurodiversity includes people who are “neurotypical,” “neurodivergent” and the many who are somewhere on a spectrum in between. Statistics suggest that 15-20% of our population is neurodivergent, an umbrella term including dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and other neurological conditions. The presenter’s experience in campus ministry suggests that the estimate of 15-20% is probably low, as young adults are now more commonly seeking diagnoses to help them understand their cognitive function and how some of their needs can be better accommodated.Ekklesia Campus Ministry embarked on a grant funded project entitled “A Celebration of Neurodiversity” to become aware of the ways that their ministry was failing to truly welcome neurodivergent students and how they could be more intentional about creating spaces that celebrate neurodiversity within the ministry, across the campus, and in the local churches with which they are connected. This workshop shares some of the learnings from the project and explores in the steps that local churches and other ministries can take to expand their welcome, both programmatically and in terms of physical space. Come learn how you can make these important adjustments to your ministries and widen the circle of your welcome.
Offered in partnership with UKirk Collegiate Ministries.



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