Psalms that Refresh

Are you thirsty for time for your soul? Are you seeking space and time to prepare your heart and your hands for leading others through the season of Lent? Then come participate in an interactive art experience. Visio Divina is a spiritual practice of sacred seeing. It invites us to see with our hands, our eyes, and our spirits what God is saying to us, what God invites us to be doing in this world. Our souls are quenched, our thirsts are satisfied when we spend time with biblical texts, engaging texts with our heads, our hearts and our creative spirits. In this workshop you’ll have a chance to sit with and respond to psalms that are read during the five weeks of Lent. Each psalm will be engaged using a variety of materials including fiber, paper, paint, beading, stitching, and simple weaving. Yes, you should come if your soul is parched. Yes, you should come if your soul needs nourishment so you can nourish others during Lent. Yes, you should come if getting messy and creative with art is what you love. Yes, you should come if you are terrified of engaging in media with which you are not familiar. Come and be refreshed!



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