Putting Prayer into Action with Advocacy and Social Justice

Is your congregation thirsting for justice? Do you find charity and mission easy and struggle to figure out how to add justice or advocacy? Are some in your congregation not sure politics belongs in church? Do you want to help build the beloved community but are not sure where to start? In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to name the mission work and charity their congregations participate in and explore how this work connects to larger issues in our communities. We will discuss ways congregations and groups can add advocacy to their existing work to amplify their love of their neighbors and bring about transformation in their communities. Participants will leave with practical next steps and resources to put prayers into action that can be done by children, teens, and adults! While public education advocacy in North Carolina will be one example, the principles and ideas shared will be useful for any topic your congregation may want to support in any location. We hope you will join us as we put prayer into action!



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