“The Promise” – An Intergenerational Musical for Your Ministry

This workshop will engage our Biblical imaginations through the creative lens of “The Promise,” a new intergenerational musical. Based on the stories of Genesis 12-25, “The Promise” tells the story of God’s call and promises to Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and their children, Ishmael and Isaac. Using excerpts of script and songs, we will imagine the characters’ perspectives as they respond to God’s call and seek God’s promise to “bless all the families of the earth.” We follow the family’s journeys toward the blessing: into faith and doubt, famine and fruitfulness, thirst and life-giving water, cries and laughter, oppression and freedom. Along the way, we see a family who is tested and broken. Can this family be restored and dwell together? Diving into this family’s story encourages us to seek God’s blessings for our global family tree and journey toward God’s promise that all families and faiths of the earth might live in reconciliation.” Laura Jernigan, the composer/lyricist/ book writer, who is also a Presbyterian minister and educator, will provide an overview of the musical and share the inspiration behind her own reimagining of this story, with reference to varied Biblical interpretations as well as Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Calling for a small cast of adults, youth, and children, “The Promise” offers an exciting performance and educational opportunity for your church or interfaith setting. Come explore “The Promise” and journey toward God’s blessing together.



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