Thirsty for Belonging: Teens and Adults with Disabilities

This workshop will open the window into the lived experience of people with disabilities. Come and hear their questions. Learn how to listen to the experience of people with disabilities in your community.
“What is your relationship with us and our families? We may be Included, but do we really Belong?”
“We are thirsty…Do you notice when we are not there? Do you know if we are sick, or if we just need transportation?”
“Do you know that we are looking for relationships, not a separate program with a label?”
Through our stories and our conversations, this workshop will equip you to walk beside us as we navigate the transition from being teens to living as adults in our communities. You will learn “best practices” for making your congregation a community of Belonging where our gifts and leadership are valued. The workshop will include small group time. Leaders from Presbyterians for Disability Concerns will facilitate conversations about implementing “best practices” in your congregation or community. Our spirits are renewed by community – a community which filters the barriers to our participation in Christ’s abundant love and grace.



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