Water in the Desert of Transition

Sustaining ministries for a church in the throes of pastoral transition can be tricky, draining, and quite confusing. This workshop provides participants with a birds-eye view of the transitional process as it pertains to the Presbyterian Church (USA). Using real-life illustrations from congregations in transition, participants will learn the steps through which a church moves in conjunction with a presbytery, as well the steps through which pastors move as they are either departing or entering a congregation. With the understanding that long-term volunteers and support staff may be heavily relied upon by both transitional pastors and new pastors alike, this workshop is designed to offer such church leaders the space to ask questions, share from their experiences, and learn from experienced transitional pastors. This workshop hopes to acknowledge and empower the ministries of those on whom the congregation might lean the heaviest during transitional time, as well encourage and sustain their gifts and skills so that they as leaders (and the congregation as a whole) might thrive during the desert time of pastoral transition. This workshop also encourages clergy who might be considering a transition to participate and learn, as well. Time-allowing, this workshop will also introduce participants to the CLC system of the PC(USA) which is used for connecting churches who are searching to pastors who are seeking new calls.



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