Where Do You Belong: Creating Ministries of Belonging and Solidarity with LGBTQIA+ People

We are all seeking a place to belong and be seen fully and authentically. Too often, church workers are overwhelmed by the demands on their time and the complexities of working within an ever-changing social, political, and ecclesiastical landscape. Dr. Sarah Leer (she/her), an educator, former youth worker, and practical theologian will invite youth workers, educators, and pastors to engage in practical conversations of affirmation and belonging through the lens of abundance. We will discuss safe and brave spaces, LGBTQIA+ affirming terminology, and resources to affirm and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people in our midst. She will discuss ways adults can share power with youth and young adults with intentionality in order to increase belonging in faith communities. Sarah believes transformation comes from engaging discussion, creativity, collaboration, and vulnerability. She believes conferences like the APCE Annual Event provide rich opportunities for deep theological discussion and opportunities to learn together. This workshop will create a space to learn together while also equipping participants with tools/resources/frameworks to deepen/ express belonging in their spaces and institutions.



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Speaker: Sarah Leer