You Can Write! – Devotional Writing for Beginners

“Come, all who are thirsty” to the Living Water found in the Living Word of God. Devotionals rooted in God’s Word help satisfy our thirsty souls and offer opportunities for us to engage with God through personal worship. Writing devotionals for others deepens our faith and relationship with God. Devotional writing is one form of spiritual writing. In this workshop, you will learn about devotional writing, how it differs from other spiritual writing, and why it is important for believers to write. You will learn the importance of the centrality of Scripture in devotional writing, and how to practically write a devotional that will encourage others through the application of Scripture. You also will help new believers grow in faith and provide Living Water for those who are thirsty. Plus, devotional publishers are always looking for new contributors. You may become one of them! Previous writing experience is not required. Anyone who has a heart to share God’s Word with others is welcome to attend.



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Speaker: Nancy Boote