Former APCE president John Johnson has been selected to fill the new cabinet position of coordinator of technology and social media.

There was a day when APCE depended on the postal service to deliver newsletters and flyers about the great opportunities and events we offered. But today, educators are hopping on the fast-moving train of technology to communicate: Facebook, Twitter, websites, online forums, and more. To help APCE keep pace in this new communication world, the Governing Cabinet voted to add a media coordinator to the cabinet.

At the cabinet’s September meeting, the Membership, Advocacy and Scholarship (MAS) Committee presented a proposal to establish a position called coordinator of technology and social media. Citing changes in society and the constituency we serve, the committee’s recommendation was to designate a cabinet position that could concentrate on the use of technology to support and enhance the mission of APCE. This proposal was approved by the Governing Cabinet. President Sue Moore appointed a task force comprised of members from each of the cabinet committees to advertise the position, receive applications, interview candidates and recommend a person for the position. Task force members were Forrest Palmer, MAS; Linda Babcock, Coordinating, Planning and Finance; Danna Larson, Annual Event; and Priscilla Andre-Colton, the Advocate.

The Task Force met three times via Skype. An application was designed based on the job description approved by cabinet. The position announcement and application were then publicized in APCE Alert, on Facebook, and on the website. The task force reviewed the applications and interviewed (via Skype) two candidates.

Priscilla Andre-Colton serves on the APCE cabinet where she is a member of the Advocate team.