By: Zeta Lamberson

A Fresh look

What did you think? How did it go? Did that work? These are questions we ask after a party, a committee meeting, a small group, a conversation to solve a problem, a worship service, an annual event. As educators we know and value the process of assessing what has happened and discerning how to move forward. We do it with informal conversation. We do it with written evaluations or online surveys.

But the process of evaluation is more than just learning what people experienced.  What comes next is exciting and challenging and critical to the process. We continually use the information gathered to take a fresh look at the way we do things.

With the installation of the new Leadership Council in Baltimore, APCE began the process of taking a fresh look at what we do together and how we do it. As the nine ministry teams meet over this next year they will be challenged to evaluate everything we have done in the past and to upgrade our system!  As with any upgrade, we will keep what is working smoothly.  But we will also look for new ways to provide better efficiency and new options for the future.  We have more creative minds at work than ever before. We have a clear vision of our purpose.

For years we have been a network that connects, enriches, empowers and sustains one another as we model, teach, and share the story of Jesus Christ.  Now we have an opportunity to upgrade our system so that our passion for educational ministry can become contagious.  It is an exciting time to be a part of the leadership.  Friends, God is doing a new thing in our midst!  Encourage others to become part of the future and upgrade with us!

Zeta Lamberson is pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia, and President of APCE