By: Priscilla Andre-Colton

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A Pentecost Party Plan

Some years Pentecost falls on the last Sunday of our program year. When it does, we plan a party to celebrate. Everyone is invited—children, youth and adults—to come to our Fellowship Hall to join the celebration during the education hour. We begin with a finger food continental breakfast. Then everyone is invited to join in on one or more of the activity tables. Each table is set with the materials and instructions for one particular activity or project. These include:


One table is set with a guided lectio divina of the Acts 2 passage. Step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the passage, noting words, phrases, and ideas that might intrigue and challenge. Another table is set with samples and templates for folks to write haiku or cinquain poems expressing their experience of Pentecost.


One table is set with copies of Pentecost-related art, including icons, modern and traditional images, and watercolor supplies. Participants are invited to examine the images and then create their own work of art. Another table is set with the supplies to make blocks for a Pentecost quilt. We provide squares of fabric and fabric markers. Later someone sews all the blocks together.

Hands On

One table is set with Model Magic™, self-hardening clay, and salt dough for folks to fashion a Pentecost sculpture. Another table has all the supplies to make pinwheels. A third table is set for making hardware wind chimes, using hose clamps, nuts, bolts, and other assorted items.


At one table, folks write prayers on pre-cut paper dove shapes and add them to the church board. The board is offered during the prayers of the people at worship.

Let’s Talk

This table is set with copies of the Acts 2 passage from several different translations of the Bible and a page of discussion questions.

Group Project

On this table, there are three large, pre-cut poster board flame shapes and lots of orange, yellow and red paper cut into small pieces of various shapes. Participants glue the bits of colored paper to fill the shapes.  The flames are taken to decorate the narthex before worship.

All tables are covered with red cloths and decorated with a red balloon centerpiece. The room glows with the presence of the Spirit.

Priscilla Andre-ColtonPriscilla Andre-Colton is a certified Christian Educator in the PC (USA), serving the Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria, VA. She previously served churches in Pittsburgh, PA and Jacksonville, FL. and as secretary for APCE.