By: Kevin Burns

1-star-wars-stormtrooper legoLast Fall, in anticipation of the new Star Wars movie, members at Highland Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky explored the theology of the first six Star Wars movies (after all, we had some big fans!).  The three sessions were conducted largely as discussion classes with the teacher (and curriculum writer, Ruling Elder Kevin Burns) presenting a small amount of information and then opening the floor for discussion. We also used a projector to view snippets of the movie and interview with George Lucas as indicated in the curriculum.

Although several who attended had seen the movies, we had a few participants who had not. They were also helpful in the conversation, bringing “fresh eyes” to the responses.  The curriculum was appropriate for both adult and high schoolers, and we certainly benefited from having members of the class ranging from 14-year-old to over 70 years of age!

Click here to download the session plans. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Kevin Burns (, who is happy to discuss or debate anything Presbyterian or Star Wars related at length.