By: Cindy Moorman

APCE_SaveTheDate_FINALMy name is Cindy Moorman. I have lived, along with my husband Kent, my daughter, and my son, in Colorado for sixteen years. In those sixteen years we have come to love this beautiful place. Everywhere you turn in Colorado, there is the majesty of the mountains, rushing rivers, quaking aspens, moving sand dunes, snow and so much more. Colorado has become our home, and I am so blessed to live in such a spiritual place.

I was very humbled by the invitation from the Annual Events Committee, to provide a Spirituality Center for this Annual Event in Denver. I believe that the theme for 2017 “God with us in the Chaos” is a perfect, and very timely, choice.

We live in a world that has chaos all around us, in our communities, in our churches, and in our own lives. Let’s come together in Denver for this event where we will hear, see and think about the impact of what we can do, and how we can help that chaos be a little calmer.

Come discover what the scripture for the 2017 APCE Annual Meeting, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10), means for you individually in the Spirituality Center in January.

In Colorado, water is an important resource as well as a fun activity. Trust in the Chaos when you ride in the raft and zip through the river. It is a known fact that white water rafting provides an escape from reality. Trust in this chaos as you can relax and leave all of the chaos behind peace. Then, when you hit the rapids again, you can enjoy the ride.

Playing in the sand is usually seen as child’s play, but have you ever sat on the beach and just experienced the sand, dug your bare feet in the sand and wiggled your toes through the sand? Sand is such a meditative, creative and fun treat not only for children, but for adults too.  Seeking Refuse in the Chaos by playing in the sand.

Here in Colorado, fall is a time for the changing of the aspen leaves. Did you know that aspen leaves are sort of a heart shape? Even the slightest breeze triggers the leaves to tremble because of their light weight and long leafy stalks. Some people believe that life’s mysteries can be revealed by carefully listening to the sound produced by trembling leaves of the aspen. Find Strength in the Chaos” as God listens to your prayers and the Holy Spirit moves through the quaking aspen tree.

Painting can be very therapeutic as it allows your mind to focus toward a central topic. This relieves stress and in turn relaxes your body, similar to the effects of meditation. Claim your Victory over Chaos when you come and offer your creative side, or just sit back and relax while looking at what has already been done. No experience required at this station; just let your mind claim the victory over the chaos in your life.

To enter into the theme for the week, those who arrive on Wednesday morning will be able to participate in designing the Communion table cloth using Zen Tangles. This experience is meditative, creative, colorful and just plain fun!  You don’t have to be an artist or even know how to draw. It is a process of free lines, doodles, using colored markers as you pray.

Denver is a great place to bring your children, but don’t forget to bring them to the Spirituality Center. They too will be able to participate in the calming hands-on activities.

Come and join me for this hands-on Spirituality Center, and discover a little bit of Colorado in the chaos of your day or week. Stop by each day as stations will be added on Thursday and Friday. Don’t miss out on the experience to calm your soul and see what is new every day at the 2017 Annual Event in Denver. See you in the Spirituality Center this January!

Cindy Moorman, this year’s spirituality center director, has been a Christian Educator for 25 years serving four churches, from large to small, in two Presbyteries. She has lived in Thornton, Colorado for the past 16 years. She enjoys being with her family, husband, Kent, and her two children, Amanda and Chase, along with her granddaughter, Jaidyn. Going to the mountains, reading, crafting, and working with children and youth are some of her passions. Cindy is an inquirer in the Denver Presbytery CRE program.