By: Beth Herrinton-Hodge


As we stand on the eve of Election Day in the United States, words from our weekly lectionary readings give messages of courage, steadfastness, strength in God and in Jesus Christ – the source of our life and our hope.

Take courage.
Stand firm. I am with you.
My spirit abides among you. Do not fear.
Do not be quickly shaken or alarmed
Either by Spirit or by word or by letter.
Stand firm.
May Jesus himself and God our Father,
Who loves us,
And through grace gives us eternal comfort and good hope,
Comfort your hearts and strengthen them
In every good work and word.

(~gleaned from lectionary texts for November 6, 2016)

A prayer for the day:

Sovereign and gracious God, your presence pervades all life on this earth.
You are wider than the widest plains, deeper than the deepest oceans, higher than the majestic mountains, and closer than our very breath.
You are the author of our lives.
You hold all of creation in the palm of your hand.
What have we to fear?
Yet we fear, we wonder, we worry about choices that U.S. voters will make in this week’s election.
There are stark contrasts and strong emotions swirling across our nation.
We feel that we have so little control.
We have only one vote. Only one voice.

Calm our hearts, O God.
Ground us in the assurance that you have ultimate control. Your will and way are good.
Your grace and peace and justice prevail, even when we appear to wander from your path.
Give comfort, O God, to the people who have been hurt in this election season.
Give forgiveness to those who have perpetuated hurt, mistrust, anger and fear.
Give guidance to those who seek to lead our country.
Give strength to those who work for your justice and peace.

O Holy God, we release our fears into your sturdy hands.
Give us confidence in your ultimate desire for good and your ability to accomplish good.
We place our trust in the God who never fails.